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All infos here are advices from our experience, of course you can use other smartphone and fournitures. We will give you tips about the best set up you should use to livestream : which tripod, which smartphone or which mic

First, you need a tripod

1.1 Tripod

Having a good tripod is really important, to follow the ball smoothly, Here is a good quality tripod for a cheap price. Manfrotto is a trusty brand, very reliable and solid, it will last 20 years without any issues :

Manfrotto Compact Action Kit de Trépied + Rotule + Manette 5 Sections Noir

1.2 adapter for smartphone

You need also a clamp to put your smartphone on this tripod, this one will adapt to any phone. For a tablet, you need another model.

Manfrotto MCLAMP Pince universelle pour Smartphone avec Pas de Vis 1/4 Noir

📱The most important, which smartphone ?

We are working very hard to deliver the same live experience on Android and Iphone. Swish Live work the same way on both platform but you need a recent phone.

But here are few tips so you can choose the best material :

Two lives example in 720p, one broadcasted with Android the other with iOs :